Buccaclean Dental Gel



For a Healthier Mouth and Comforted Gums




Discover the ease of maintaining oral health with Buccaclean® gel, which introduces a revolutionary applicator designed to simplify dental hygiene. This dental gel is a powerhouse, blending an enzymatic complex with anti-adhesive properties to combat plaque, tartar, and halitosis, while licorice extracts provide soothing relief to the gums.

Active Ingredients:

Enzymatic complex featuring bromelain, and the peroxidase system (amylglucosidase and glucose oxidase) for breaking down plaque.

Anti-adhesion agents including polysaccharides (rhamnose, glucose, glucuronic acid) to prevent plaque formation.

Licorice extracts to soothe and comfort gums.

Enhanced with pleasant aromas for a fresh breath experience.


Comes in a 30ml tube, with the GTIN: 3664499000346 for easy identification.

Directions for Use:

  • Simply apply the gel between the lips and gums using the soft-tipped applicator, then gently massage.
  • Recommended for daily use or as advised by your veterinarian for optimal dental health.

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