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I am thrilled to introduce you to Samaxia and our first newsletter.
As the founder, launching this marks the realisation of a dream - to innovate in veterinary care and support your incredible work. Our initial product range is just the beginning. We're gearing up for exciting offerings in 2024 and beyond, adding more value within pet care. Samaxia goes beyond products; we're here to support your practice with initiatives and resources that complement the outstanding care you provide.
Your feedback is crucial. Together, we're not just a company but a community dedicated to enhancing animal health. Thanks for joining us on this journey. Here's to a future of innovation and excellence in veterinary care.

Looking forward to the next 3 months....


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Samaxia on the Global Stage: Congresses in the UK and Europe

Our team has been actively participating in various congresses across the UK and Europe, sharing insights, learning from peers, and staying abreast of the latest developments in veterinary science.

These events have been instrumental in shaping our approach and expanding our network.

It was great to see you at:

  • London Vet Show
  • BVNA
  • BVA Live
  • Zoomark

Webinars and Blogs

Sarah Caney recently led an engaging webinar on managing hypokalaemia in cats, hosted by Webinar Vet. This session was a treasure trove of insights for veterinary teams, focusing on diagnosis, treatment, and real-world case studies.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Deep Dive into Hypokalaemia : Understanding its effects on cats'health.
  • Diagnostic Tools: Enhancing accuracy in identifying hypokalaemia.
  • Effective Treatments: Exploring dietary and medicinal interventions.
  • Practical Case Studies: Real-life examples for hands-on learning.
  • Interactive Format: Encouraging lively discussions and queries.

This webinar not only enriched knowledge but also equipped veterinary professionals with practical skills for improved feline care. A perfect blend of education and application, it underscored our dedication to advancing vet care.

We also started sharing our Blogs, rich in education, reminders and points of interest for both our vet teams and pet parents including
Protect Your Pet's Paws in Winter: Guarding Against Salt and Ice


Samaxia's New Office: A Place to Innovate

We're excited to announce that have moved to our 1st office, situated at The Terrace, a vibrant hub for the creative industries in the heart of Lincoln. This unique space, offering 50 workshops, studios, and offices, is designed to inspire innovation and collaboration. Our presence here underscores our commitment to being at the forefront of veterinary healthcare advancements. The Terrace is not just our new address; it's a symbol of our dedication to creative and forward-thinking solutions in veterinary care.

The Faces Behind Samaxia

Our team is our greatest asset. In this section, we introduce you to the passionate professionals behind Samaxia. From our visionary leaders to our dedicated staff, each member plays a crucial role in our journey towards excellence in veterinary care.

 Offers and resources to help you practice and achieve your goals.


Samaxia are committed to supporting and adding value to practice:

Tailored Telesales Campaigns:

  • Samaxia extends support with dedicated telesales campaigns, creating personalised interactions that drive your practice's growth and expand your client base.

Educational Engagement:

  • We offer a suite of educational 'Lunch and Learn' sessions, both virtual and in-practice, designed to engage and inform your team, enhancing their expertise and service delivery.

Interactive Show and Tell:

  • Our 'Show and Tell' meetings provide hands-on experiences with our products and services, fostering a deeper understanding and confidence in the solutions we offer together.

Marketing Muscle for Events:

  • Partner with Samaxia for your Roadshows, Training and Regional Events, where we can look to provide marketing support at these crucial gatherings.

Samaxia is a New to Market business, committed to being your ally ingrowth, offering comprehensive support that blends seamlessly with your unique needs.

Let's cultivate success together.
Winter offer: Spend £500 across the Samaxia Dermatology Range and receive a 3D Skin Model?

Top 10 Winter Tips 

As winter sets in, it's crucial to keep our furry friends safe and warm. Here's a quick guide to protect your dogs and cats during the cold months: See our recent Blog Post


Member of the Month

Name: Bailey Williamson
Member Since: Day 1

Bailey is our company mascot, our family Westie who is often seen joining the team on virtual meetings and heard ‘woofing' in the background of telephone calls.

He is a real character with a strong personality....mmmm, wonder which member of the Samaxia family he's like??

Bailey has tried and tested the Sensiderm Range, and being a Westie, is a good candidate indeed!!
Keep a watch out for him when you contact us....

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As we continue to grow and evolve, we value your feedback, ideas, and stories. Join us in building more than just a company, but a community. Together we'll innovate, collaborate, and create exceptional veterinary care.

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