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Samaxia Ltd provide the finest pet healthcare products and supply them to veterinary professionals across the UK. Our products are high-quality and priced competitively – we believe that you can't put a price on the health of our pets but, if we have to, it had better be one that people can afford. Looking to stay up to date with the news and development of Samaxia Ltd? Perhaps you want more than that – maybe you're looking to get involved yourself? Either way, you'll find the relevant information you need right here. This includes new product launches, events, and important updates about the future of our business.



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We are frequently on the look-out for talented, dedicated professionals to join our team.

We are currently not recruiting for any roles. 

We are currently not recruiting for any roles.  We'd love to hear from you, so if you want to be kept on our radar for future roles, please do share your CV with us so we can keep it on file.


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Application closes 15th March 2024

Who You'll Need to Be...

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Passionate About Pets

We are a pet healthcare company, and as such, it stands to reason that all of our team members should be passionate about pets! We are looking for individuals who understand the importance of pets in people's lives and are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of pets across the UK as a result. Candidates should have a deep love for animals and an understanding of the importance of their role in all of our lives.

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Align With Our Values

At Samaxia Ltd, we are committed to providing affordable, and high-quality pet healthcare products. We are looking for individuals who share our values and are committed to making a positive impact on the world. We value integrity, innovation and a strong work ethic, and we need candidates who are committed to these values and to upholding them in their work. Sound like you?


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Ready for A Journey

We are a growing company, and we are looking for individuals who are looking to come on a journey with us. We value team members who are passionate about the company and are willing to work hard to help us achieve our goals. We are looking for individuals who are committed to personal growth and development and are looking to build a long-term career as we grow from strength to strength, together!

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What You Say About Us


"Can't believe how quickly it worked (Keratoderm Shampoo and Pyoskin wipes) and how simple it was to get his skin back to normal 

Simon Boulton, Animal Health Business & Marketing Consultant








“I have to say I really like the Honeyderm; we have used it post op for clipper rash and it is fab!”

Becky RVN at Lincoln South Vets for Pets

"Having met with Sam and Max they have an infectious passion for what they do and they have a fantastic catalogue of products. Looking forward to working with them!"


Aaron Holmes, Owner / Managing Director at Sore Paws Veterinary Clinic Ltd

“So we have tried moisturiser and paw balm, Lilly has not yet complained, very happy to have both applied even on very sore skin. Moisturiser soaks in well, not noticing any scent with the products which is good as Lilly comes to have it applied rather than chasing to catch her. Also she has not had the urge to lick it off, which is also good. Leaves skin feeling soft and supple and not sticky. I will be able to give a better review when she gets into full allergy season but thumbs up so far.”

Lilly's Pet Parent from Leeds

“Cream is working well. One of my colleagues has started to use it on her Rottweiler's bald patches on her joints (pressure point areas on hock/metatarsal area) and reports that there is new hair growth in these areas so cream is definitely helping her skin! I'm sure we will be both be placing another order soon.”

Anonymous RVN in Scunthorpe

“We have been using the Honeyderm both on his paws (as if he walks or play for longer they become sore and he chews them) and on his groin area. On the paws the Honeyderm works really great. The only minor downside is that it is very thick so you need to warm it up before using it otherwise a lot goes wasted."


“Sensiderm balm is such a wonderful product and really fills a gap in the market. I have used it on my very sensitive labrador following a spinal incident which led to sore cracked paws, the balm gave her instant relief and healed them within a couple of applications. 

The honey is a brilliant alternative to the more traditional honey, the gentle scent (essential lavender oil) reduces patient interest in licking at it and have successfully used it in a herd of guinea pigs and worked a treat! I would 100% recommend these products to everyone. The products are unique, fairly priced and a credit to Sam and Max.”

Pike Moor Vets, Bolton

“My elderly dog 'Drina' was regularly having to have her anal glands squeezed, and now with using Fiberact daily, there's no more scooting“




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