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Samaxia is a UK-based family owned company, providing pet healthcare products throughout the UK. At Samaxia, we specialise in developing and bringing to market the best non-prescription pet health products that we can find. Our mission is to provide affordable pet health solutions that promote the wellbeing of pets across the UK and the way we do that is by finding the most effective and the most relevant products on your behalf. Our portfolio is brimming with exactly that – the best products at affordable prices for all. If you're looking for high quality pet health products that are not only effective but kind to fur babies, trust Samaxia to provide what you need.




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Who Are We?

Samaxia is a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in both human and veterinary healthcare. We are committed to improving the lives of pets through the provision of innovative, high-quality and, above all, effective products that address a range of health concerns. Our founder not only a fellow pet parent, but has also spent 25+ years working in both pet, veterinary and human medical industries, has a passion for shedding light on the products that genuinely back up the credentials plastered upon the label.  

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Who We Help

Samaxia have a portfolio of high quality pet health products, designed to provide affordable solutions to pet owners through veterinary professionals across the UK, ensuring that pets receive the best possible care from their owners and from those in authority in the industry. Here's who we help. Do you fit the bill?


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  • You'll be keen to explore new or modern solutions to improve vet and pet care.
  • You understand the current ‘gap' in available products for our companion animals compared to human medicine.
  • You seek ‘safe,' innovative solutions for pet keepers while minimising antibiotic usage.


Pet Professionals


Pet Parents


  • You're more than an “owner” – you're a pet parent!
  • You're concerned for the welfare of your pet; "it's a duty of care and love."
  • You seek the best care for your 'fur baby.'
  • You believe in the "healthy me, healthy pet" mantra.
  • You're aware of the health benefits of foods, additives, fitness, etc., aspiring to live a good, healthy lifestyle and you want the same for your pet.
  • ...whilst we don't supply direct to pet parents, we aim to be able to offer access to our product range via your local vet


Pet Parents




Sound Like You?

Visit Samaxia's Products page to see just what we can offer and the benefits they can have for your pet or for those of your customers'.







Why Choose Samaxia Ltd?


High-Quality Products

We take great pride in our range of pet health products, and we are committed to providing the highest quality pet healthcare solutions available anywhere in the UK. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are rigorously tested to ensure that they are safe, effective, and reliable for pets.


Value for Money

We understand that pet healthcare can be expensive, and we are committed to providing affordable solutions that meet the needs of pet owners and veterinary professionals alike. Our pet health products are priced competitively, without sacrificing quality or efficacy, to ensure that you can provide the best possible care for your pets without breaking the bank.