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?? The Struggles of Greasy, Smelly Skin in Pets: A Heartfelt Overview ??

Discover the latest Samaxia Spotlight featuring a study on Keratoderm® Shampoo, the fragrance-free solution for dogs with greasy and smelly skin. Learn about its unique, gentle for...  more  

The Pros and Cons of using Chlorhexidine Wipes in Veterinary Care

Chlorhexidine wipes have become a go-to solution in veterinary care due to their powerful antimicrobial properties. This article provides a comprehensive review of the pros and con...  more  

Unlock the Secrets of Omega Fatty Acids: Transform Your Pet's Health with Sensiderm® Omega

Discover the powerful benefits of omega fatty acids for your pets! This month's edition explores the role of omega-3 and omega-6 in promoting heart health, reducing inflammation, a...  more  

Samaxia's Spotlight: Today’s Innovations, Tomorrow’s Health

Introducing Samaxia Spotlight! Dive into the first issue focusing on a breakthrough in Canine Atopic Dermatitis (CAD). Don't miss out on cutting-edge insights that are transform...  more  

Why Choosing Petroleum-Free Pet Products May Benefit Pets and the Planet

Many pet owners are turning to eco-friendly products to ensure the health and well-being of their pets and to contribute positively to the environment. One significant shift is the...  more  

Embracing Nature: The Rise of Plant-Based Ingredients in Pet Healthcare

The pet healthcare industry is witnessing a significant shift towards sustainable and natural products. As pet owners increasingly seek eco-friendly and health-conscious options fo...  more  

Pet Health Transformed: Samaxia Leads with Exclusive Partnerships

Samaxia Ltd is revolutionising UK vet care through strategic partnerships with MP Labo and key wholesalers like NVS Veterinary Group and Covetrus. This move aims to enhance pet hea...  more  

Top Ten Tips for Winter

Ensuring the well-being of dogs and cats during winter is crucial, as cold weather can pose significant risks to their health and safety. Here are the top ten tips to help keep you...  more  

Protect Your Pet's Paws in Winter: Guarding Against Salt and Ice

Winter brings a unique set of challenges for pet owners, particularly when it comes to protecting the sensitive paws of dogs and cats. The salt and chemicals used to melt ice on ro...  more  

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