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Just like humans, pets need a holistic approach to maintain their overall wellbeing, both inside and out. We are passionate about pet health at Samaxia Ltd, drawing on our extensive experience in both human and veterinary healthcare to offer a fantastic range of pet healthcare products throughout the UK. Our pet products are carefully selected for their quality, sustainability, and affordability, ensuring that your customers' pets receive complete care, resulting in happy pups and contented kitties. Our range is specifically selected to ensure that, with regular application, pets across the UK can put a stop to potential health issues before they start.

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Sustainable, Affordable, High-Quality Pet Products

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What We Offer

We offer a wide range of pet healthcare products to address various health concerns. Listed below is a flavour of what you can expect when you partner with Samaxia Ltd.

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Our dermatology products are designed to address skin and coat conditions such as itching, rashes.

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We offer ophthalmological products, designed to help keep your pet's eyes healthy and clean. They include eye drops, ointments, and cleaners.

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Ear Care

Our ear care products are designed to address ear health, itching, and wax build-up, so your patient or pet can hear clearly when they're called!

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Kidney & Liver Health

We offer a range of kidney and liver health products, designed to support the healthy operation and function of these vital organs.

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Our digestion-focused products are designed to aid digestion, improve gut health, and avoid gastrointestinal issues.

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Promote healthy teeth and gums and avoid dental problems such as plaque build-up, tartar, and bad breath, with this range.

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Behaviour & Anxiety

Our behaviour and anxiety products help calm pets during stressful situations and promote better social behaviour.


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Collaborating with Pet Health Care Professionals

At Samaxia Ltd, we work directly with pet healthcare professionals including veterinarians and veterinary nurses. We understand the importance of working together to ensure that pets receive the best care possible, while minimising our impact on the environment. As a pet healthcare professional, you can rely on us to provide high-quality pet products that are effective and safe for your patients.

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Working For Pet Parents

We understand the bond between pets and their owners, and we want to help you keep your furry friends healthy and happy. Some of our products are available directly to pet parents, to keep your little fur babies in great health. If you have any questions, our team of experts is always available to help you choose the right product for your pet's needs.

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Tell us about your beloved pet and find the products that are right for their healthcare needs. Anything we can do to help your four-legged friend makes what we do worthwhile!

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