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We all love our pets and want to see them live happy, healthy lives. They say that, for people at least, the pathway to true health requires a holistic approach – inside and out. What happens on our insides directly affects how we feel, look and perform in day-to-day life – the same is true for pets of all sizes and species. At Samaxia Ltd, we're passionate about pet health, drawing on long-standing experience in healthcare, both in a veterinary setting and a human one. Healthy living requires comprehensive self-care. That's why we're proud to offer a fantastic range of pet healthcare products across the UK. Every product in our range is specifically selected for its quality and affordability, ensuring that there's no barrier between your pet and the picture of health we all want to see in them.

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High-Quality Products for Veterinary Service Providers & Individuals

If you're a vet looking to stock pet healthcare products that your customers can trust, or if you're simply looking out for your own furry friend, Samaxia Ltd can supply just what you need.

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Our Products

We offer a carefully-selected range of products, to see happy, healthy pets with their healthcare issues in check. Every product we supply is offered with quality and affordability in mind. With the world feeling the squeeze, they need to be affordable for all, while providing an unparalleled standard of quality for our customers. We believe that our pet healthcare products will meet and even exceed your needs.

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For a Healthier Mouth and Comforted Gums
Digestive support – Complementary feed
Honeyderm® is a balm with 70% honey to contribute to skin restoration.
Complementary feed for cats and dogs; contributes to restoring serum potassium levels in the context of medical follow-up.
Keratoderm® sebum-regulating and keratolytic shampoo for dogs and cats
Ready-to-use impregnated cotton wipes.
Sensiderm® Balm, a balm for enhanced hydration without greasy effect.
Skin support – Complementary feed.
Skin Barrier Protect™ technology, a dual protection to moisturise and reinforce the skin barrier in a single way.
Sensiderm® Shampoo helps to restore and maintain the skin's natural barrier, soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.

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Our Mission is to provide high quality and affordable healthcare products and services that support a positive health environment of pets and pet owners.




 Our Values


We want to engage with business partners, employees and pet owners, in an open and honest manner.


We demonstrate through actions and statements our respect for each individual business partner, for employees and for pet owners.


We always choose to do the “right” thing even when it may not always be easy to do.



We aim to establish a high degree of trust with those we engage, as an organisation and as individuals, through actions and statements.


We look to deliver improvements each day and embrace change as it comes. The world won't slow down and neither will we!


We want to create an environment where we can truly enjoy the work that we do, remembering the good we're able to do for the pets people love.





Our Vision

We aim to become our customer's preferred and most valued provider of high quality, competitively priced pet healthcare products and services. We're here to provide excellent service in both convenience and accessibility to all – nothing is more important than bridging that gap between affordability and quality!

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